Unpacking The Eerie

MINISODE 2: Saying No, a Spiritual Act

July 07, 2021 Unpacking the Eerie
Unpacking The Eerie
MINISODE 2: Saying No, a Spiritual Act
Show Notes

In Japan, houses that have seen unnatural or undignified deaths are legally declared Jiko Bukken or "accident properties" (see episode 12: Richard Energy & Legally Haunted Houses!). Homes are also codified as Jiko Bukken if they are built over a well -- what's that about? In this minisode, Shaena explores this question as she tells us about Okiku's Well (located at Himeji Castle), one of Japan's "big three" ghost stories. Here, you'll learn about the origin story as well as the superstitions that have followed it centuries later.

CW: sexual violence, torture


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