Unpacking The Eerie

5. A Lethal Location Pt. 2: Cocktail For Disaster

December 14, 2020 Unpacking the Eerie Episode 6
Unpacking The Eerie
5. A Lethal Location Pt. 2: Cocktail For Disaster
Show Notes

Teleport to the mid-1980s with us as we cover serial killer, Ricardo “Richard” Ramirez a.k.a. The Night Stalker. In this episode, we take a look at the factors that shaped him, and the experiences of the people who survived him. We also touch on the death penalty, and explore the lasting impacts of trauma, & traumatic grief. This segment is part 2 of “A Lethal Location,” a short series we’re putting together highlighting the horrors that are somehow connected by the Cecil Hotel. Take a listen, and learn how it all ties together in A Cocktail for Disaster.

Content warning: graphic violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, PTSD


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