Unpacking The Eerie

18. Psychedelic Nightmare Pt 2.: So Evil, Bro.

July 29, 2022 Unpacking the Eerie Episode 18
Unpacking The Eerie
18. Psychedelic Nightmare Pt 2.: So Evil, Bro.
Show Notes

content warning: violence, torture, anti-black racism, mention of drugs 

In part two of this series on MKUltra, you’ll learn more about the roll out of these LSD-fueled experiments and how they came to a close. We take a deeper look at its intersections with racism and criminalization as well as the stark contrast between the trauma and dehumanization experienced by unknowing “test subjects,” the most impacted being incarcerated Black folks, and the bohemian counter-culture cultivated by white beat writers who were willing participants of MK Ultra experiments at their universities. You’ll also learn more about popular conspiracies tied to these experiments and the psychology behind conspiracy-based beliefs.

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