Unpacking The Eerie

14. Everything Stems from Capitalism & Colonialism (feat. Bex Carlos, Tu Tia Bruja)

March 01, 2022 Unpacking the Eerie Episode 14
Unpacking The Eerie
14. Everything Stems from Capitalism & Colonialism (feat. Bex Carlos, Tu Tia Bruja)
Show Notes

TOPIC: Witch Hunts in India & Okinawa, Origins of Brujeria 

cw: violence against women, graphic violence, sexual violence, torture

When people hear “witch hunts” and “witch trials”, what often comes to mind are the Salem Witch Trials that occurred in Massachusetts in the 17th century. What people don’t know is that what we know as “witch hunts” have occurred in many other parts of the world, and in some countries, are still happening today. In our second collaborative episode, Bex Carlos*, host of the podcast Tu Tía Bruja, joins the hosts of Unpacking The Eerie as we explore lesser known stories about witches & witch hunts. Learn about the impact of colonialism in Mexico and it’s creation of brujería due to the Spanish Inquisition, the colonial persecution of yuta  in the Ryukyu Kingdom (now known as Okinawa), as well as the horrors that women in rural parts of India are still experiencing as a result of witch hunts driven by greed and patriarchal violence. Join us as we explore how the insidious nature of capitalism, colonialism and patriarchy all play a key role in these three stories and the power of ancient spiritual traditions and community in resisting colonial and patriarchal oppression.

*Bex Carlos, Audio witch has worked in the digital media field for over 10 years now. She’s worked at 105.7 The Point, 106.5 The Arch and has also helped edit many different podcasts (Balanced Black Girl Podcast, Dear Franny, Little Women, That’s What She Did, Sex With Emily). Bex has a strong interest in metaphysics as well as social justice and out of these interests, she created Tu Tía Bruja. Tu Tía Bruja is a podcast that focuses on conversations about witchcraft, ghosts, the occult, true crime, and the abnormal. Since launching in June 2020, the show has charted within the Top 200 Spirituality Podcasts in Canada, Finland, Germany, the U.K., Costa Rica, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, and the U.S. Building community with witches and brujis is very important to Bex, and is what led her to reach out to Shaena and Akshi to make this collaborative, witchy episode. To learn more about Bex and her work, check out her website at www.bexbecasting.com. You can find Tu Tía Bruja anywhere you listen to podcasts and give her podcast a follow on Instagram and Twitter @tutiabruja. 

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